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Persevere Together

Learn more about why we started #SaveArizonaBusiness and how this movement will help save our local economy during these historic, unprecedented times — with your support.

Saving local Business

What is SAB?

More than 390,000 small businesses in Arizona are living through arguably the world’s largest economic struggle since the last World War. 


This is a movement: We Are Makers, We Are Farmers, We Are Creators, We Are Educators, We Are Bakers, We Are Artists, We are your Local Business Owners. 


Save Arizona Business (SAB) is a grass roots initiative that was created to give Arizona Businesses the ability to be heard loudly. SAB offers a platform for our local companies to be heard — coming together under one banner to ease the individual burden that’s being caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Stronger Together:

We’re in this together, Arizona. It is more important than ever to pull together, behind one movement, one initiative, to save our local Arizona economy.

#SAB Discounts:

Our #SaveArizonaBusiness vendors are stepping up to offer you their amazing products and services to support their communities during this unprecedented time.

Be a Local Hero:

By using hashtag #SaveArizonaBusiness on social media, you become a Local Business Hero. Help Spread the Word. Think and Buy Local.

Arizona community

Who We Are:

Come Together

Save Arizona Business was created by a small team of entrepreneurial educators and digital experts located in Chandler, Arizona. We realized that livelihoods of our fellow local businesses are at stake due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re witnessing the largest need for businesses to move online in the internet’s history.

Think Local, Shop Local

As digital media experts, we wanted to use our unique skill-sets to help save local businesses by rallying our community together to shop local through digital means. We encourage you to become a local hero by shifting away from ordering through big business retailers and buying your essentials from small local businesses who need our support.

Save Our Local Economy

Small businesses are essential to the success of our global economy, but they will be the first to fail when the economy suffers. Arizona businesses are feeling this every day. Let’s show the world how strong the Arizonan community is by banding together to support each other and find a way to bounce back from these extreme, unprecedented events. 

100% Grassroots

Save Arizona Business is a 100% grassroots effort to help keep local Arizona businesses running, and saving jobs, by creating a place where we can come together and help each other during one of our greatest global crises in the modern age. 

If you’re interested in helping or supporting our #SAB efforts, please contact us here.

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