Frequently Asked Questions

Save Arizona Business is a grassroots organization created to support and promote Arizona small businesses. Save Arizona Business offers Arizona small businesses a way to gain visibility for their business using the Save Arizona Business website and network.

The #SaveArizonaBusiness movement was started as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Arizona small businesses have found themselves in a tough position. They must decide between putting their hard earned money towards supporting their current business operations or seek new online marketing for new consumers. The unfortunate situation is that most small businesses do not have the money nor expertise to accomplish both. That is why the Save Arizona Business website was created. We want to support our community by providing Arizona’s local businesses with an opportunity to bring their networks together to gain visibility and share support behind a common movement.

Save Arizona Business is supported by a team of passionate digital marketing experts from Chandler, Arizona. We want to give back to our community that has been devastated by this pandemic. This is a community service and we intend to work tirelessly to support as many Arizona small businesses as we pos. We believe that with our expertise, we can give businesses a fighting chance during these unprecedented times.

At this time, we are accepting Arizona small businesses that fill out the business submission form on the website. Your business must be headquartered and located in Arizona to be eligible to join. Those who are not eligible to join, we still encourage you to support this movement by promoting our partnered businesses and their efforts via your social media channels. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any business for any reason.
Yes, our services are for the benefit of our Arizona community.

We have over 200 businesses that we are currently bringing onboard to Save Arizona Business with many more in waiting. We are helping dozens more every day and our goal is to help 1,000 Arizona Small Businesses by the end of 2020.

There are multiple ways to help Save Arizona Business. Supporting the local small businesses directly is the largest way you can help. Buying their products and services helps tremendously. Also, using the #SaveArizonaBusines hashtag and promotional content on your social media channels goes a long way for gaining exposure for the participating businesses. If you have the ability to help financially, or would like to sponsor this movement to show your support for the local economy, please reach out to [email protected]. Your financial support will go to directly support the exposure for the participating businesses. If you have the ability to help financially, please contact us at [email protected].
Yes, businesses who are participating have reported an increase in sales from our marketing efforts. But, we do not guarantee that businesses will see an increase in sales. We do guarantee that your business will be seen on our site by interested viewers through the large, shared network that has been created by the businesses involved.
No, this is not required. But, it does help with incentivising consumers who visit our website to take advantage of your offer.
The discount/coupon code is up to you to fulfill upon. You can make this redeemable online or physically redeemable.
Toggle ContentGreat! First submit your business information at Let us know what you want to provide and we’ll be sure to add this information for you. Make sure when you add the code to your site you use “SaveAZBiz” exactly.
Currently, we ask that all businesses participating in this movement use the “SaveAZBiz” coupon code. This will help distinguish if you receive sales from our efforts and incentivize your customers to participate in the movement. If you have an existing coupon code you would like to use that is unrelated to the movement, just let us know and we will make sure to include it instead.
Yes, SAB will provide a variety of creative content for you and your business to use while sharing the movement. This includes images and infographics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Along with content examples for emails and social media posts. We will provide different promotional materials throughout the duration of the movement.
Yes, we welcome ALL Arizona small businesses in this. We are all One Community, Stronger Together.
This movement is completely FREE for Arizona small businesses to join. All we ask is that you share the movement information on your social media channels (which is also free). This helps give visibility to all businesses who are participating in the Save Arizona Business movement.
Yes, we are not limiting the amount of businesses per industry. There are no exclusivities being offered at this time. We want to support ALL Arizona small businesses and give local business supporters the option to choose the business that is closest to their location and delivery needs during these times.
Remember, this movement is about supporting and saving Arizona small businesses. There is plenty of room for everyone and we encourage support for one another during these tough times.
Great, we appreciate anyone that can help spread the word about these amazing local businesses! Please contact us at [email protected].
Yes, please contact us at [email protected]. We greatly appreciate any organization that would like to help support Arizona’s local businesses during these times.
No, we are local business owners who want to provide a simple way for Arizona businesses to help each other during times of uncertainty.
Yes, we are endorsed by the Arizona Commerce Authority and have received their full support for promotion of our efforts.
Yes, while we highly recommend and encourage you to complete the form we understand that this might be difficult. You can contact our founder, Bryan Azeka, at [email protected] to speak with him.
We recommend that you put them in contact with us as soon as possible. The sooner we can get in contact, the sooner we can help them. Feel free to provide our information to any business in need. You can tag them in our social media posts as well and we will reach out to help.
Yes, the SAB advertising budget is funded by the founders of the initiative. As we progress, there will be other fundraising efforts to support the businesses involved through paid advertising.
Go ahead and submit your business, it doesn’t hurt to get your name out there for more visibility. We’re going to do everything we can to help.

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